Commercial Roofing Contractor in Fountain Valley

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Star Course Roofing has been recognized as one of the best commercial roofing contractors in southern California. Since 1988, we have been providing commercial roofing services to business owners for retail buildings as well as multi unit apartment buildings, condos, strip malls and churches in Orange County, LA County, Riverside County and San Bernadino County.

Our customers know that repairing and installing commercial roofs is a specialized skill and requires unique commercial tools, and they also know that Star Course Roofing has the experience to handle any type of commercial application. Whether the requirement is flat roofing, built up roofing, metal, shingles, tiles or wooden shakes, our reputation among commercial roofing contractors in California speaks for itself with the satisfaction of our customers.

Brad Faubert, founder and owner of Star Course Roofing, is hands on in the field. When you deal with Star Course Roofing for commercial roofing services, you deal with Brad. We offer full service including roof repair, roof replacement, and roof inspection for just about every type of building in Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles and San Bernardino County.

Let's face it... you cannot last in the very competitive roofing business in southern California without providing the highest quality service for all customers, whether they be commercial or residential. People demand roof repair service from local roofing contractors, and that is where Star Course Roofing maintains the competitive advantage.

If you require commercial or industrial roofing services:

  • Make sure the company is truly a commercial roofing contractor. You can check this by asking for references of past projects they have worked on.
  • Insist on local roofing contractors to complete your project. Don't fall prey to the less than honest, high pressure roofing scams that we hear about only after they have long gone. A local roofing contractor will be here to service all your future needs.

Call today for a free estimate for your commercial or industrial roofing project!