Roofing Billed through Escrow

Star Course Roofing offers an exceptional plan for people who want to list a home that is need of roof replace. Statistics show that replacing a home's roof returns 105% making it one of the best home improvements a homeowner can make. BUT... in many cases, the homeowner cannot afford to reroof prior to listing the home. And THAT is what makes Bill Through Escrow such a great offer.

Just for Realtors

Since 1986, Star Course Roofing has been serving Orange and Los Angeles Counties. The owner, Brad Faubert, is an experienced roofing contractor who caters to the real estate community. We are dependable and time friendly.

Our workers are professional and courteous. We owe a great deal of our real estate business to Realty Flyer Service. They have been delivering our roofing flyers to real estate offices all over for over 15 years.

Reroof now, pay after the house sells!